Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Rare Happening... ( for me anyway)

This past week Olivia and I set up a both for Olivia's homemade bath products. So by the skin of her teeth she convinced me to get in a hoop skirt! Can you believe that?!
Well we got in our getups and went to Blountsville to a civil war reenactment.
Olivia could probably tell you more a bout the reenactment, but I could tell ya more about the ribbon fries on the other side of us!!!!! lol
Well, you know Mom, she had too take pictures of everything!

This was a old post office that was there,
it was so cool to get to go in!

This was a gentlemen that played in the reenactment, that we asked to take a picture with! Sis, being a civil war buff, was so thrilled!!

Olivia in her new hat! ( like she needs another
one) =)

"Best buddies"

"The Great South"

The Yankees (thats all I'm saying)

We had several people (mostly gentlemen) saying, " There's one of those southern belles!" I never heard someone say that to me before, so I really didn't know what to think! Considering that I'm usually in jeans! It was so funny, the first day when we were setting up I had my skirt on but not my hoop, and I was holding it up while I was walking, a lady walked by and said "I see those jeans under that skirt!" Ha Ha Let the truth be known!
~ Emma