Saturday, June 28, 2008

Country music singer (Tim McGraw) pulled a man from the audience for hitting and harassing a woman, Wednesday night at White River!!!

Watch this!!! WOW!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

too funny!

what hair color fits you..blone, brunette, or red head?
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You scored as brunette



red head




Fishin' with kittens....

Last night dad and I went fishing. We didn't catch anything, but the funny part of the night was when we got home and the kittens were like "what's that?" I had a spinning thing on my pole and it was so funny to watch them just chase it like it was actually a fish! (I wish) :0) Scrappy, our lab wasn't too amused, he is to mature to go after it, but he can go jump in the lake and roll in dirt and look like a bear!!!! BATH TIME SCRAP!!! Dixie the big calico and her two kittens, the orange one was her adopted daughter4 months old. :)

Dixie's kittens will be 2 mouths old June 24th! Hey thats tomorrow!!! Dixie's a little over a year old. Anyway, I ran in and got my camera, took pictures for half an hour and just played. I think it's very important to show love to your animals. That's probably why mine are so spoiled.:0) ~Emma

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wrestling prayer can wonders do,

Bring relief in deep straits;
Prayer can force a passage through
Iron bars and brazen gates.
~2 kings 4:4~

Friday, June 20, 2008

A long day of success...

Last Monday Hannah and I had Chef 4-H, Olivia had a speech to give at Regional competition. The Huie boys had photography! Well, after a very long day of walking around watching Hannah play goofy games and preparing food, we finial heard who won! I had 5 people in my category and I won 3rd out of them. Hannah's didn't place but she was a winner to me! Olivia won 1st because she didn't have any competition. Johnny (the one with the shades on) :) won 1st out of 6 I think?
Jed won 1st in Jr. division he had 4 or 5 others!
And Andy just came along for the ride. He's my best friend Laura's brother. (Red shirt) Everyone got a participation, you should have seen everybody getting on that stage. ha

Besides all the down time it was really fun! Just so you know I don't were
bright colors, it's mom's camera! It was a darker green. (like that is important. :) )

I'll post my recipe later!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Watch out California!

Olivia has taken up the chance of going out to California to help drive the King family back here. It takes five days to go from California to Alabama. She is leaving Saturday. This is her very first time to be on a plane so she's quite nervous, but I think she's more nervous about driving with someone she barely knows than flying! I am excited for her to get the opportunity to go across country likes she's always wanted.
I told her I would pay for my plane ticket if I could just go along! :) But somebody has got to be here to give mom and dad company and laughs.
We will miss her but she'll be back in a week. And while she's gone I might do some rearranging in her room:+ I just hope she gets off that plane in one piece!!! She's always has been scared of heights!!! We love you Sis.