Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Apple juice anyone???

Apples to Apple Juice, to Apple Cider, to Alcohol, and then to Vinegar.Theses are the five stages of apple juice, one of our abundant blessings this summer!

Our sorta neighbor Mr. Kieser, called us Friday evening and told us the guy he gets apples from called him and told him that we could pick the ones off the ground for free! Well we pick over 25 bushels of APPLES.

Mr. Kieser has an apple press, witch makes apple juice by sq
uashing the apples with the grinder thats on the machine, than you put a piece of wood on the top of it and then this crank comes down over it and the apple juice comes down in to a filter, then it's ready to drink (after chilled)! It's quite difficult to make but ahhhh it taste good! A special thanks to Grayson and Laura Richards, for helping so much!

The Apples (before you can drink them)!

Then they get washed in a big tub!

You put the apples in the hopper, at the top,

Then someone, grinds them, while the other
person is feeding them apples.

The crush and smashed apples go down into this special type bucket that has slits in it for drainage,with a special cloth in the inside.

The back view!

Another view of the press, the red wheel
thing i
s just like a belt of some sort, to keep it going!

This is the crank that goes down on the bucket of apples, to make juice come out!

Ahhhh at last, we have our apple juice, we bottle it up and after it's chilled it's ready to drink!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Southern Evening...

This is Laura, my all time friend for 8 years!! She is one of the people you just love to be around, once you get to know her you'll be laughing all the time! Laura and her sister (Katie) come over a lot and go swimming with us, we love spending time together.Love you laura! This is her blog!

Scrappy, our lab, loves the lake that we live on, so were always throwing things in for him so he can go out and swim to get them! He's the best dog ever!!!

It's the simple things in life that are the most pleasant! I love our lake at night.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Admitting your feet are dirty....

Today, my family went to hear R.C. Sproul Jr. preach about the washing of our feet thought Jesus Christ. To admit that you have dirty feet, you are admitting that you are a sinner. Other than being convicted this morning, this guy is so funny, he's on you tube if you wanna cheek him out!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Vacation part 2....

Here it is on one post!! Pretty amazing! This isn't half of the pictures I took!!!
81 is the interstate we took most of the way. I would not recommend trying to take a picture at 70 miles an hour... very hard!

I apologize for this sign for those of you that will not make it to New York, this is not the sigh when you cross the state line, like I said it's hard to take pictures on the interstate.

Olivia so funny!!!

This is what it was all the way up there......

Gas was 4.23 in N.Y. this was the cheep gas on the way up.

Lots of exits, there were over 300 in Pennsylvania.
One of the reasons we went up there was for my mom's side family reunion!
I don't think I've ever been to one! Really nice.

G.G. (Great Grandmother) she's amazing!

Olivia (again)

This is my cuz, she's is sooo funny, I don't think she knows it though,
it's just who she is! We get along very well. (LOL)

Russel, another cousin. He has C.P., he is so sweet,(when he wants to be!)

We went bowling with my two uncle's families too.
And not to mention the go-carts and the games at Peter Paul's go-cart place. So much fun!! We mainly just helped my grandfather, and my G.G.'s farm. I might post some more pictures later! (he-he) Mom's got pictures on her blog! ~Emma

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Hey everyone! No, I did not fall off the face of the earth, We've been on vacation to see
my extended family up in N.Y. It's so cool up there!! Lots of farms, including my great grandmother(on my moms side.)She is 83 and still bailing hay and working around the farm, she is an amazing woman!!We stayed at my dad's parents home which is also in the middle of the country side, We had a lot of fun, I'll post pictures and stuff later! Sorry it took so long:(