Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

No..... this is not becoming a picture blog.....

Last night we had a special Valentine's eve meal, that my wonderful mother prepared for us. This is Gram and G.G. toasting.

The way I look at things. What I mean is I look at everything in a little weird way. Maybe Obama thought this would work for him. I think he might really think like that.
My AMAZING G.G. that goes back to the "Big Apple" tomorrow., actually she lives north of the Big Apple! I'm gonna miss you GG.

Ahh, a walk in the park, it's not a park, why did I just call it a park?

"The Gangsters" HA! My Grandma and GG. A cold day for a walk.

Dancin' with the girls. This was the day Liv left. Ahhh I miss you Liver! And G.G.'s leaving tomorrow. In the words of "Gus" (Big Fat Greek Wedding), "Why you all want to leave me?" (with a Greek accent).

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The best movie I seen this year, heck this life. You must watch it! The whole movie will have you laughing, crying and motivate you to do something amazing with your life. Here is the trailer for it. We are buying it. You will never get tired of seeing it. I'm sure it has change many marriages that were in fire. With Gods help you can do anything.

Never leave your partner.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Me and Dixie, my little girl will always be in my heart. I asked Mom the other day if God promises true happiness in heaven, do you think there will be animals up there? Her answer was well was Dixie a Holy cat? It made me laugh. She did have a attitude.


Olivia and I with Santa.

Dad and I bowling. He wasn't hugging me he was probable beating me up for drinking his drink! LOL!

Olivia and I did booths for the fair. So much fun.

Doing what I do best. Mixing concrete! I work with dad a lot and I do this often.

The best of friends, then and now, and for forever.
My little buddy! Cullen White.
Leadership trip to Montgomery, very FUN!

A speech and debate thing we went and watched that the Philip boys did. After that we went to Logan's. This is Jed and I having a peanut fight. He started it.


All the little things that make up life are the things that are life.
~Don't stop making memory's.~

The Bibical Blueprints for welfare......

Please take the time to read this and maybe even write it down for future references. It has help me a lot to understand what charity is. My favorite is # 4 and #8.

1. Charity completes the work of evangelism.

2. Charity is OUR job.

3. The church must not rely on civil government to do it's job of charity.

4. Work is the foundation of charity. Productivity is the only cure for poverty. Productivity is the fruit of labor.

5. Work opportunities are created through gleaning.

6. Charity must be decentralized and family-oriented in order to function properly.

7. We must begin the work of charity in the company of the faithful. We must take care of our own.

8. Only those who are either in God's covenant or are dependent on God's covenant may receive charity. The work of charity begins in the company of the faithful.

9. Charity must not "Exceed what is written".

10. The work of charity is the foundation of peace and so must be undertaken now.

Charity starts at home. And moves out into the world.