Friday, July 31, 2009

Running! Duh

running makes me want to eat salad the rest of my life.
Did you know that eating 1 healthy meal is like going for a run. 18 minutes I'm finally up to what I wad BEFORE vacation....those stinkin' vacations.
Must have been the ice cream....
I got a whole 12 hours of sleep last night.yippee!

oatmeal for breakfast 10 :30
grilled chicken salad w/ wheat pasta and a Asian dressing
pizza...egh...I gonna eat salad yipper:(
and no popcorn either.... I really wants this goal to work. And I'll do whatever it takes.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

love love love loveeeeeeeee it...............

Turn my playlist off first.


The fun in learning is making it fun. Today was the soap making class, we had lots of fun. 3 of my favorite people taught. I didn't actually make soap. But I was the peanut gallery/the muscles/moral support. It was just fun to be there. Ana came over after the class and chilled with us. We watched Sleepless and Seattle, went swimming and talked .....a lot. Cooked supper, ate it. and Ana left:( wawaaWAwawawa (I hate it when guest leave).

I ate dinner about 30 mins. ago, so I'll run about 20 minutes hopefullyyyyyyy tonight with Liv (yeah) I'm so glad that she's running with me she went 6 mins. her very FIRST time, gosh, I did 2 mins I think the first time.
I think she has a lot of effort behind her punch. Literally it feels like your being punched. egh.
But don't think I not liking this. I LOVE IT! On the plus side, I have more energy, I feel REALLY GOOD. My hip hugger jeans are getting a tiny little bit looser. Nothing to speak of though.
I talk to much about the bad things about running. I have changed my diet a lot. I've always eaten healthy, but instead of a cheat sometimes(every other day) I don't cheat hardly at all. See almost every one in the run, you're just learning how to run. I'm burning fat and just about everything else. IF! I didn't have all this access from enjoying life a little too much.

I think that's what's wrong with most of Americans, they enjoy life a little too much, they need to suffer a little bit, a little uncomfortable. We don't have enough inconvenience.
Builds character.
gtgr soon, Liv wants on.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The life of the runner (I could start a soap opera)

Today was nice. Nothing on the books, nothing pressing to tend to. Just relaxing pretty much...I did do the bathroom,that reminds me I forgot the tub....umm should I do it? -or- should I not?. Tough!
Anyway, we decided that we needed some food and new clothes...hee hee you should see my closet and yell at me for buying more....I LOVE clothes though, think what you will. I wanted Chinese, we settled for Sam's hot dogs..i love those too.:) That's why I'm mildly FAT! Vacation took the worse of me, I like to consider it the best though because I enjoyed every second.
I'm kinda mad because I fried my .mp. last week...I so change my mind about liking mp's better, I getting a ipod next..and see how fast I burn that out. mp's must not be water(sweat) resistant, Josh thinks that's what it is. I see ipods on the runner's in my magazine so maybe those will do better. I gotta have my music....wawawawawa I got SO encouraged by the Boyd family, we were leaving the Crawford's this morning and they were running by with Smiles!!!! okay one thing about me....don't cross me when I'm running...I do not smile when sweat is dripping down my face and other places too.
So about 2 or so we ran to Trussville and had some stuff to get and ran by the thrift store and found some really cool Avia sneakers for 3$$$$$$$...So I was like flipping out in the middle of the store.....couldn't believe it though. I'm in love and don't care who knows it-buddy the elf of Elf

.......AND I found another running shirt...and to my surprise I can fit into a size smaller....well I shouldn't say"smaller' there's nothing small about a 12/14! Who cares.
I did a slightly bigger woman in Sam's and asked if anybody wanted my bread off my hot dog..:(
....building blocks.....makes everything worth it.

P.S. 4 the people that don't understand "Emma"....Got To Go Run:)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Great Adventure..

Grandma and Beasley

My uncle Lynne

Canoeing on the pond

The farm. See the's there pet

Me holding Kira(3 weeks)

Ice Cream at Eddies.....yum!

Dancing old people at a country concert thing at the beach(they were really good)

The beautiful beach


Family reunion

The tire swing we made

4 wheeling/muddin'.....


Aunt Marge



All my grandma's

on the way back we stop at Hershey....we love that place
my fav, Reese's pieces.

Board on the way home

We just ate a really good meal and maybe too much of a good thing is bad....nah

Dream Car. Mustang 09 convertible

No matter what, no matter where
It's always home when love is there.
There is nothing half as pleasant as coming home again.
Well that's it folks......
~Emma ~