Friday, October 30, 2009

Word of the week.. dang this is the word of the year

ANTHROPOCENTRICITY.......................drum rollllllll please......
....the state or quality in regards to humans being the central element of the universe.

Thanks George Grant....your kinda forcing knowledge on a good way.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Woot! Woot!

You know life can be confusing sometimes plain hard, sometimes you wanna give up and just do.This is one thing in my life that I have been really determined and dedicated to;

Literally blood sweat and tears I've poured into this. You should see me when I'm running, it's so flippin funny, I've got my mp3 on my arm, watch on my wrist, phone in hand or tucked away somewhere, Levi's ...sometimes I'll take him for a run. Pretty professional
Last night, 20 mins. into my run it started pour-in down rain. So I came back and put my techno stuff in the truck out of the rain..Because obviously it doesn't do well in the rain. Some may think other wise but I didn't melt. (I'm not that witch-ish) .
I came in soaking wet, mascara all down my face. hee hee
That's probably the reason I woke up this mornin with a slight cold. puff:0
BTW....I got new sneaks, so I like leap everywhere I go:0). I feel like running a marathoner...woot woot!

10 days before the run---------------------aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I've lost 5 pounds so far.......I still eat whatever i want, NOT GOOD! that's why!
not in my dream jeans yet, or my dream dress.....
It's all good. I'm cool with that...
Do me a favor and pour me some RB and I'll grab my guitar and Zac brown band)
to young for Jaeger. :00000)
Love ya,

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My alternative ending to Gilgamesh by David Ferry

This is my alternative ending to the book Gilgamesh. It wont make since if you don't read the book...
…..the city of Gilgamesh”
Gilgamesh walked home through the field, after his long terrible journey.
The entire city came to greet him.
He expressed his urge to the elderly people how they could be the strong and young again, so they ate of the
“How-The-Old-Man-Once- Again-Becomes-a-Young –Man “plant. But they did not see change.
For the god of the heavens is the only one who can make you strong and young again.
On the fifth day after his homecoming a beautiful woman comes to town, wishing to stay at this wonderful city.
Gilgamesh thought of how beautiful and different she looked.
She wasn’t like the harlots and prostitutes because after all they weren’t that pretty.
This was a pure beauty, one of innocence and dignity.
Gilgamesh fell in love with this woman and they lived and died together. Gilgamesh didn’t fear death anymore.
Knowing that he lived his life, and well, that was enough for him.
The End
By Emma Grace Brodock