Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lala land appeal.

_All you gotta do is watch me look what I can do with my feet--

All that I'm after is a life full of laughter as long as I'm laughing with you-

_You came into my life and I felt high_ amybe it's true that two is better than one_

Tonight's a good feeling night-
Me you and the dance floor-lo

i didn't feel good the past few days- my throat hurt bad my nose has ran off:0) sinus pressure- headache, mainly from sinus issues..i feel a lot better now...skipped church this morning and watch like 6 episodes of Reba, heeehehehe that's unhealthy...puff 3 hours i think, NCIS was gone.

I love spending time alone and just to be able to think clearly without presser and no body to wait on or talk to....and that's not good..I SHOULD PUT OTHERS BEFORE MEEEE!!! I badly need time to myself sometimes though. But (most) times I love to spend time with you guys->.

Maybe just because I felt like crap, and I WANTED TO BE ALONE...:0) Ain't ya glad you know me???Lol I love you guys soo much I love spending time with you all. But a little warning__+++>>>>>>>!@!#>..
I A-M FULL OF SELF!!!!And I and a great big sinner!!!! Don't tell me I are to..Can't hide it.
I appreciate you guys for loving this GREAT BIG SINNNER... and making ME feel amazing when I really DON'T deserve anything...
Life's complicated but I wouldn't trade it for Anything....I absolutely love my life...
Don't be jealous y'all:0)
If it wasn't for God's amazing GRACE, I would be that little girl in the orphanages or that girl on the bus everyday...But God picked ME, this great big sinner to have the most amazing family...A handful of really close friends and just about everybody else. And.. an education that teaches TRUTH something this world is scarce of, only because they rejected it.
At the tips of my fingers i have boatloads of knowledge and Godly advise everywhere I TURN.
And I HAVE THAT shine that shows you that Christ lives in me. I am truly blessed.

_I'm fighting for this girl on the battlefield _random- but how manly...gosh I love it---

My man must be able to fight for me or he isn't worth having, think about it, you gotta be willing to fight for your woman men..

Pomegranate and Cranberry makes really good lotion.

This weeks menu has blueberry cobbler. Yumo can't wait to make it.... and halo patatoes wit hbacon and sour cream with chives or green oinons...and elaberate pot roast w/ carrots and oinions and potatoes with a lemon marinade on top of coos-coos... calico salad......with balsamic vinaigrette ...
Just off the top of my head, but can't wait to try more Pioneer woman reps...ahahahh

So weight've lost 4 pounds in the last week or two from just eating better. Now with my killer Julian moves I'll be shredding this stuff....oh yeah...

_Random but I wish people would be as concerned when I not there as when I AM. i NO THAT'S SELFISH!! Maybe their just nervous.Dk

forgot how much I LOVE mARY'S SONG BY tAYLOR sWIFT....# 29 ON MY PLAYLIST...
took me back you swore you beat me up but never did just two crazy kids....
I REMEMER a few years ago..favorite spot in town got down on one knee..
I'll be 87 you'll be 89 still look at you like the stars that shine..oh my my my

haaaaaaaaaaa my hair it's almost white...hhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhaaa

I had the best day with you today......yes I'M talking to myself..hhhhaaaaaaaahaaaaaa

Laura my BFF is going to start studing her permit book and were gonna go together and get our permits...totally righteuos...CAN NOT WAIT. We honestly think that Mrs. Diamonds trying to kill us with all the comment..well other than that murderous one:0)

:0) My smiles are with you y'all have an awesome day...sniffle- sniffle i'M IN MY lala land

-Emmmmmmyyyyyyyy bEAR there I SAID IT taylor!
:I'm weird because I HATE GOODBYES

Friday, January 29, 2010

Nobody here but a servantless American cook......


I'm going through the pioneer woman cookbook and love it a bunch.... last week sometime I did the pico de gallo or whatever that is she calls it...(salsa to me)... and guacamoleeeeeee... which is the best in my opinion.;--0) The mac-n-cheese was really good and the meatloaf....Not saying that I did good on it,but that its a fantastic recipe...Yumo(!) in the words of Rachel Ray.

LIFE as they call that thing we live has been fun, sad, crazy, loving, complicated, happy and down right awesome most days...
I decided that my man must be a dancer he's gotta be able to hold his own on the dance floor...
but nothing like southern heritage junk, just like some of the slow modern and fun dances...



I Spent the whole day and night at my new "really good friends house" Helping her w/ four kids under six..wooooooo and no husband home to help. Lord love that woman...geezzz. there really great kids though, they mind so well for moving a lot and up routing there home every couple years ... because of the military transferring and stuff.
I'm really excited about my new friend Mandy.. I love her, the way I've always thought I would raise my kids is how she raises her's. Our personalities are a lot a like to.

I STARTED the 30 day shred by Juliann michels
So if you see me limping, resist the urge to ask "what wrong with you"? Because now you'll know..okay
20 pounds in 30 days.yeah abs are like getting rock hard already and my buns are more like really wanted to know that didn't you...:0) My legs are killing me......(thanks Mandy!!)
Arms feel like they might just come off... and all this on my second day..:0?
I claim that I still have my baby fat from 15 years ago.pufff nobody believes me....gah

Leann came over and chilled, we tried the sewing napkins thing and realized we need needles for the about 5 hours later we get home from Trussville..heeeheeeheee and eat some food from Mexico and started again.. It didn't seem that long we went to fabric shop and got a really cool pattern for my new quilt...I'll post some pictures in three years when I FINISH IT..:0) major brain power going on for it...
Oh speaking of brain power...I'm the teco in our family so I get the fun jobs like Phone stuff. So mom got another blackberry ..btw, SIM cards make me really crazy in the head...The girl at Walmart didn't know what she was doing so I had ta lend my skills..turns out the SIM card was in backwards..who would have thought..
Anyway we get it home and get that all working.....mixed up the SIM's and had to copy all the contacts on dad's phone and get to the new one...and all that goes with a new phone.....Over the week I have realized that I have A.D.D, for real.....can't focus :0)

Dyed my hair it actually blond in front and not yellow mellow...
got some new clothes....
I'm might be getting my permit this next week..YES!!!
Can't wait for civilization tomorrow.....
Lady gaga s song "bad romance" is really catchy......stinks
i gotta feeling is the new ringtone and two is better than one.......smiles getting old..

Got up at 3 this morning...... thought i was sick and went back to bed.....really needed sleep

I wanna be like Job and still trust God even when you think He's forsaken you, and taken all ya have and still praise him.Knowing that He's there and holding on even when you don't see Him at work/...

Gonna do my microdermabrasion and take some night quill going to bed...I don't feel to good:(

Okay I'm just rambling randomness...sooooo

Good night my dear friends,

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My wedding for sure....

Turn my amazing music off on my playlist first...I adviSe you to listen to that to...:0)

Monday, January 4, 2010

my beautiful friend and I doing what we do best....prep and pixs..bahahha

Listening to the Q all day, what a perfect day.....

shorties like a melody in my head.....

IT'S complicated y'all...

Party in the back
business in the front


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