Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Got a urge for awesomness.. just read this.... :0) I'm not vain

No I don't talk about working out. What you talking about? gah

I bought a Ab lounge Saturday...funny stuff..Me using it.

Picture something like a cow doing a cart wheel. It's just not natural. It burns bad and I no that it's working because I FEEL it. i do that for 20, then I walk with Mom for fun for about an and a half.

Terrifying the neighbors with my awesome and amazing walking skills. Like the "thigh crunch " with slight to heavy pain and "drunk". Just think Jack black on steroids. Nothing perverted here.

You must hit the X. get in your car go to BLOCKBUSTER(R). and rent nacho liebrie. In order to get this joke.

"Where is your robe Ignacio? It stunk. These are my recreation clothes"
Leave it with that. You fill in the blank.
back to me......ammmmmmhmmm
I still run occasionally when I feel a bit INSANE. Running is for creeps with major addictions. I guess i the prop is me for not having an addictiOn...crp. maybe I need one.

Lets get addicted to a mindless something. some say I'm the workouts. But come on guys look at me,....do I look like the ab lounge queen or the road runner or the Jillian bombardier?Or the badonkedonk black woman? i did not just say that. Don't know bout you.
I take that back, wh0 Im I jokinG
Don't think I'm perfect peeps.
I am a great BIG SINNER. That's one by the way
I'm addicted to sin...
yes!!!!!!!!!! i have one

You are to don't hide it y'all.You got that? Even the little ones?

It's such a heavy burden,Everyone wants to be me.
But I must deal with this.

Thursday. woof there I said it.
got that off my chest.
We are having this event that little people try to find little eggs that aren't eggs and put them in a little Light blue basket and go to the dentist with a cavity in all there teeth. What kinda of twisted farm life is that?.

Oh yeah they call that fun. oUR ANNUAL Easter egg hunt at our home.
Is it considered annual if less then 3 fams come?
I will have embarrassing pixs of all grown ups that night.YES. NOW THAT'S FUN.. knuckles...

we have about 1,000 eggs with a lot of goodies and teeth rottenness serum in them. That's good stuff for the less intelligent people. and a lot of it baby.

"Life is a maze and love is a riddle,.......it's to much, yeah it's a lot to be something I'm not."

Just found out that serial does NOT I repeat does NOT mean so-real. G.

Johnny thinks i need to do Mazoola sp????ah that's fun to say...
It's really embarrassing and fun. What the heck I'm in.

And I wanna get back in gun club. It was flipping awesome last year.

Love you,

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