Thursday, April 29, 2010

The attack of the society little by little......

They change the language and wording of things to sound less harsh then they really are.
Make us believe that it's not THAT bad to kill, lie, steal, dishonor, marry same sex.

Fetus used instead of UN- born baby to soften the treachery of abortion.

Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas to DE- Christianize Christmas.

Hate crimes label all actors that would oppose morality as bigotry, worth of prison.

Homafob used when you stand up for your rights and say I will not let Homosexuality be present and legal in this country,because it's WRONG.

Exclusive means culture without repentance.

PRO-LIFE shifts the focus of abortion to the couples rights rather then the baby's DEATH. Anti-life. PRO- DEATH.

There is a culture out there today folks that wants to trick you and make you believe that it's not that bad, and what you believe in is not really that important.

The devil is behind it all, he deceive, lies, steals our joy, makes us envy others and kill. Because human life doesn't matter to him, When you abort a baby He rejoices and praises his name.
Because he LOVES death. When you stray from God's word he is right there to grab you and pull you on his side that looks so easy and good. But really, pain and sorrows is all that wide road leads to.

But when your under the protection of God, guess what happens, his strong hand fights off all enemies and sleighs the dragon that wants to devourer your soul .

" NO guilt in life no fear in death, this is the power of Christ."
In Christ Alone Kieth Getty

Only God can fight that battle for you, not you, it's all God.

So, stay close to that protector of yours; and not just because He will protect you, but because you love Him.

There is no fear for those that believe.- Patrick Henry

George Washington on his death bed said these words: "It is well".

God plans the affairs of men.

He blew and scattered the Armada.

I don't know the course others might take; but for me give me liberty or give me death.

The use of a bad thing is no argument to remove the good thing. -Joel McDurman

The defense shield of America is the God of the Bible. -foster

yours truly,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today i turn 16,
i must say this thou, I am defiantly the luckiest 16 year old.
I'm blessed to have you, and even more so my family.

We have BIG plans for today and even bigger for tomorrow, can't wait:0)

Sixteen flipin' awesome things I'm smiling for:

My Family
My really good friends that would be here right now if i asked them too:0)
hot Buffalo chicken
frapps at Starbucks
hot hair tools
my pistil
trucks covered in mud
the ability to laughs things off and make people smile.
car rides w/ friends. "a road that we run over" private joke:0) laura
popcorn:0) can't leave that one out.

i love you guys and thank you for making my sixteen years memorable and fun. Good times.good times.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

life this week...

Well y'all, it's been great this week,... first we found a puppy and took it home...parents not

happy bout that. Oh well. She was rescued from a creepy dude at a yard sale. We named her

Jasmine. All I got to say....precious little baby. I lvoe her, even when she is not so lovely. If you get my drift???/.

Got a new Gun this week, it's a BB gun, powered by co2...

shot the Mailbox from 25 feet or so and it left a big indent. opps.:)

Josh and I painted my room GREEN....woooohoooo, I couldn't love it more.yes.

Soooooo, and then i found this totally righteous hair dooo in my book, and btw that wouldn't be a school book. I told dad it was science when he came in...heehee

All ya do is twist......iron...... spray...... undo.... and .....presto......
tomorrow mw and mom are doing hair styles for fun
i did her's today but nooooooooooooooooooooooo I just like doing it i can't actually make it look good:0) nOT MY GIFT.
fORGET cosmetology
I'm gonna be a rock star instead..
Voice is going well, very well 12 lessons later, it's finally getting good.
Love her...xoxoxxoxoxo
anything else awesome besides everything??? didn't think so???@:5)
It's to bad you can't see all these red lines from miss spelled words it's pretty cool...ehhhh it's like a X-MAS tree.ohhhh

Friday is Dance practice...can't wait...I'm wearing jeans:)
might even do that with the real ball too:0) whatcha think y'all.
This is like talking to a brick wall, who knows if anybody reading this, i guess 14,000 is somebody.:(

oaky well I'm getting boring here so I'm gonna hang up de phone and not say goodbye...
I love you,
yeah I do
You guys are amazing, and never forget that you are the laughs in vocals pipes so acted like it.
There's no life after you, yeah you-> i 'm talking to you don't you hang up....

clear your calender for Saturday and spray your sister or bro with a water hose and enjoy every second of it. I know i WILL. And blow up your phone, no more viberaaating......
express yourself