Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Today i turn 16,
i must say this thou, I am defiantly the luckiest 16 year old.
I'm blessed to have you, and even more so my family.

We have BIG plans for today and even bigger for tomorrow, can't wait:0)

Sixteen flipin' awesome things I'm smiling for:

My Family
My really good friends that would be here right now if i asked them too:0)
hot Buffalo chicken
frapps at Starbucks
hot hair tools
my pistil
trucks covered in mud
the ability to laughs things off and make people smile.
car rides w/ friends. "a road that we run over" private joke:0) laura
popcorn:0) can't leave that one out.

i love you guys and thank you for making my sixteen years memorable and fun. Good times.good times.


Joy said...

Happy Happy Birthday, dear!! X0X0

Family Stone said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I didn't forget, just haven't had internet access for a while! We think about you a lot...especially when we're all bouncin' around on the trampoline and crankin' out some crunches! ha ha ha. We miss you and hope you had a wonderful day!