Thursday, April 15, 2010

life this week...

Well y'all, it's been great this week,... first we found a puppy and took it home...parents not

happy bout that. Oh well. She was rescued from a creepy dude at a yard sale. We named her

Jasmine. All I got to say....precious little baby. I lvoe her, even when she is not so lovely. If you get my drift???/.

Got a new Gun this week, it's a BB gun, powered by co2...

shot the Mailbox from 25 feet or so and it left a big indent. opps.:)

Josh and I painted my room GREEN....woooohoooo, I couldn't love it more.yes.

Soooooo, and then i found this totally righteous hair dooo in my book, and btw that wouldn't be a school book. I told dad it was science when he came in...heehee

All ya do is twist......iron...... spray...... undo.... and .....presto......
tomorrow mw and mom are doing hair styles for fun
i did her's today but nooooooooooooooooooooooo I just like doing it i can't actually make it look good:0) nOT MY GIFT.
fORGET cosmetology
I'm gonna be a rock star instead..
Voice is going well, very well 12 lessons later, it's finally getting good.
Love her...xoxoxxoxoxo
anything else awesome besides everything??? didn't think so???@:5)
It's to bad you can't see all these red lines from miss spelled words it's pretty cool...ehhhh it's like a X-MAS tree.ohhhh

Friday is Dance practice...can't wait...I'm wearing jeans:)
might even do that with the real ball too:0) whatcha think y'all.
This is like talking to a brick wall, who knows if anybody reading this, i guess 14,000 is somebody.:(

oaky well I'm getting boring here so I'm gonna hang up de phone and not say goodbye...
I love you,
yeah I do
You guys are amazing, and never forget that you are the laughs in vocals pipes so acted like it.
There's no life after you, yeah you-> i 'm talking to you don't you hang up....

clear your calender for Saturday and spray your sister or bro with a water hose and enjoy every second of it. I know i WILL. And blow up your phone, no more viberaaating......
express yourself

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