Thursday, May 27, 2010

Looks to me like i need to post some doo pictures..

So this is how it all began y'all...

and this is how it ended.

pictures tell all:0)

and that was about it...hah split second choice...and this is result, i almost like it, the only thing id this is it, it's so short you can't do much with it....BUMMER...but as i am told everyday, it's not about me and hair does grow....i guess this is better then blond strips, or a tatt..


Joy said...

I know, it always feels weird after you cut your hair, but it is really cute! :D Not to mention that it will be sooooo much easier to fix.......I'm kinda jealous, I know I will never be brave enough to cut my hair short.

love ya, girlfriend! ~Joy

joven said...

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