Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pride vrs. Hulmility...

God desires humility;
God hates pride.

Pride compares itself to people that are less then us, with Pride no one is equal,Pride is never
satisfied, it's always looking for the next self glorifying moment to
show someone up and make you look good. Where does pride glorify God? it doesn't, God hates Pride. It will make smart people look like fools in the site of God, Without humility knowledge is nothing.

Humility is comparing ourselves to Jesus Christ
Pride covets success

Pride is "ME"
serve ME
honor ME
respect ME.

PRIDE is ignorant, cocky ,mean

you might say to have humility you compromise passion, being outgoing-personality..
well it's just the opposite, you can be funny, just humbly fun.

compare yourself to God and then tell me how awesome you are?????????Dude Jesus created everything in a week..that's frikin' genius.

PRIDE is the mother of all sin, it leads to bigger sins.

Humiliates mother is Joy.

By God's grace i am a prideful person pursuing humility.

fighting self righteousness and second nature.

Nothing builds a church stronger then people striving for humility, and nothing more quickly destroys a church then Pride.

It only takes ONE.

If I'm a kite and God is a hurricane it would be totally ridiculous for me to boast.

Pride overwhelmed wisdom


think of everyone else, you should be the last one on your mind.
it sickens me that people don't care about pride, almost a joke. pLEase know that i am VERY guilty of this too, when i get warned of what I'm saying or doing it scares me that i might be coming off wrong. This is so important to point it out in yourself. Humble people would never say that they were humble.

when you see humility point it out and nourish it in others tell them you appreciate that in them.
encouragement helps everybody.

soooo i think that's all my notes for now..:D

Another hard work day tomorrow so i gotta get some sleep.....

in conclusion, humble yourself and bow your knee to the head of Humble...

I'm so guilty of this, something I've slacked in so much, but i am truly striving, it take a lot of work to serve others better then myself, pleasing others before pleasing me, loving you more then me...

so that's it out of me,
Striving for humility,

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